Take one attractive-but-not-alienatingly-so “aspirational” celeb mum (like Louise Redknapp?).
Add nebulous chat about busy-ness, “the kids,” and a “demanding husband” (like Jamie Redknapp! I bet he’s demanding…)
Add a dose of friendly girly chat, ultra relaxed. Like this attractive-but-not-alienatingly-so “aspirational” celeb mum is your best friend. She’s JUST LIKE YOU.
Don’t forget that hot beverage! Bonus points if it’s a cappuccino. The laydeez LOVE frothy milk drinks. Hahaha. Milk.
Totally forget to mention the product you’re advertising AT ALL! Because this is a winning formula; mentioning the product or the brand or making it anything to do with it will spoil the effect.
Plus a joke about: (a) chocolate and being SO ADDICTED to eating it; AND/OR (b) shoes and being SO ADDICTED to buying them.
Result: an ad that will sell anything - sofas, tea, laxatives, sporty hatchbacks, Wilkinson Sword razorblades… Literally ANYTHING.
Seriously, if you have two clients that target women, just recycle the script! Why waste the effort? It’s just for women. It’s not like we’re trying to talk to normal people.
And by normal people, we mean men.